How To Stay Fit With Golf

Playing golf has many health benefits that can help you keep fit. Golf is a demanding sport which requires endurance, strength, athletic ability, mental toughness, as well as strategy. Do you want to know how to stay fit with golf? Playing golf helps you stay fit in the following ways:


How To Stay Fit With Golf Golf involves a lot of walking. For instance, walking 18 holes is equivalent to a 5-mile walk. In addition, playing 18 holes of golf involves a lot of walking across undulating terrain, which can help burn up to 2,000 calories. Golfers also exceed 10, 000 steps in a typical round. This helps them meet the recommended guidelines for daily exercise. A lot of walking helps you lose weight as well as body fat, leading to improved health and fitness. Pulling or carrying your own golf clubs can help you lose even more calories each round and benefit you more.

-Drinking plenty of water

Water is very essential for our overall health and fitness. Golfers usually drink large quantities of water before each round of golf, especially in places with warm temperatures. This helps them keep well hydrated, improving their health and fitness in return.

-Enough sleep

Golfers are advised to always sleep enough every day. They are encouraged to get 8 hours of sleep before playing their rounds of golf. Getting enough sleep has many advantages when it comes to health, including improving focus, memory, and concentration, among others. Adequate sleep helps golfers to focus on the sport, thus improving performance.

-Improving balance and confidence

How To Stay Fit With Golf Frequent golf practice helps enhance balance control as well as confidence among people of all ages and abilities. In addition, hitting golf balls on the driving range is another great way of burning calories and increasing stamina. Burning lots of calories helps you lose weight and body fat, thus improving your overall health and fitness. Playing golf also helps improve your muscle tone and endurance.

-Healthy diet

Golfers are encouraged to eat health foods. Most courses are now offering healthier options, thus ensuring that golfers eat healthy foods. In addition, packing vegetables, fruits, as well as granola bars is helping golfers to refuel their bodies throughout their rounds of golf in a healthier manner. Investing in a good juicer can also be a great option to get some vitamins in your body before a round of golf. Eating healthy is also beneficial to your overall health and fitness; it will keep your body physically and mentally sharp.

-Encouraging more exercise

How To Stay Fit With Golf Golfers are advised to do a bit of exercise before starting their rounds of golf. They are encouraged to arrive early enough in order to get time to stretch properly, gauge the speed of the greens, and hit a few range balls before they can start playing golf. Doing enough exercise every day before your game of golf helps improve your overall health and fitness.

-Reducing stress

Golf players interact with all types of people, including old friends, business partners, and work colleagues, among others. Playing golf is a great way to keep in touch with your friends. Interacting with other people, including your friends, in a friendly environment is a great way to release stress. In addition, the physical activity associated with golf and the pleasure of walking in an open, natural environment help reduce stress in a great way.

-Improving heart health

Because golf involves a lot of walking, it provides you with an optimal amount of endurance exercise for your heart. Playing golf helps you get and stay in shape easy and enjoyable manner. It is a great way to get fit while having fun.


The Art of Putting – How to Improve Putting in 3 Easy Steps

There are hundreds if not thousands of books and articles about the importance of the short game and green game in golf, but for some reason the majority of players still believe that the best thing they can do to improve their game is gaining more distance with their driver.

There’s nothing more frustrating to a golf player than getting to the green in fewer shots than their competitor and then see how the other player holes more putts and win a game in the green. To be outplayed by a good putter who is not that good from tee to green can make any player lose focus and serenity.

Now the million dollar question, why such an easy movement can become
so difficult?

How to Improve PuttingFrom the technical point of view, the answer is quite simple. The movement with the putter is so “uncomplicated” and short that is pretty easy to introduce last-second auto-adjustments to direct the ball and ruin everything.

The best putters in the world only focus in their positive thoughts and maintain an unalterable concentration. They train under pressure because they know that any distraction can cost them a tournament. The thing is that their good putting game is not based only in the confidence that they will get the ball in, but also in the confidence of their technique. It is also worth noting that owning a high quality putter is also important before we start talking about the technical aspects of putting.

The first thing any person who’s serious about golf must learn is the
art of putting.

Here’s how to improve putting in 3 easy steps.

1. Reading the Green

How to Improve PuttingTo align correctly, a player must first know where he’s aiming. Start every session practicing green reading. Here are some clues to learn how to read the green.

-Observe the edge of the green and the course in general before starting. Look for uphill and downhill areas and obtain sensations of the basic slope that surround the zone.

-Before determining the aiming point, determine the speed and then choose the aiming point. When you have doubts choose minimum speed with a maximum break. After playing the outline of the green and rolling the ball compare your reading with the way the ball behaved. When you misjudge a break, stop for a moment and see where the mistake was by evaluating the slope. A good habit is to align the logo of the ball aiming towards the required break. This will make the alignment easier and you’ll be able to see the problems.

2. Mechanics

The objective of a good putt stroke is to consistently impact the ball solidly in the direction the putter is aligned with the right rhythm. This is the essence of putting. So according to this, focus in these main areas:

-Positioning and alignment: Usually a putter with lines or marks helps to visualize the alignment. Make sure your arms are hanging freely, that your eyes are on the ball and most importantly that your shoulders are aligned toward the objective.

-Body Stability: During the putting movement it’s imperative that the body remains serene. Any shift will make your putting inconsistent. Just imagine a little coin under the ball and after the shot, don’t look up until you can determine which coin it is. Keeping your eyes focused on the area of impact will limit any tendency to move the body.

How to Improve Putting-Arms Swing: In a good putting stroke the arms must move freely from the shoulders. Also, make sure to do the swing without any wrist activity. A good tool to check this is to put a tee at the end of your grip. In a good movement the golf tee, your arms and the head of the club will move toward the objective. The problems come when the head of the putter moves forward while the tee moves backward.

-Rhythm: A successful and consistent putt stroke must have rhythm. It’s vital to understand the need of creating an equal length forward and backward. The best way to practice rhythm is to use a pendulum. Set it between 54 to 64 repetitions per minute. Experiment until you find a rhythm that adapts to you. Then try to make some shots with the end of the backswing in one click and the end of the forward movement in another click. Do this until the swing rhythm gets into your system. With practice, the time and rhythm will become a natural part of your swing.

3. Confidence

As mentioned earlier in this article great putters believe in their ability to read greens and judge distances correctly. They also have a solid aligning routine and solid foundation in mechanics, their rhythm has no flaws and is consistent. But all these things together wouldn’t make them great unless they get the ball in the
cup frequently and receive this feedback sensation of watching their balls getting in. There’s only one way to develop security and this is by holing more putts. End your practice holing as many short putts in a row as you can. Practice from different angles and distances and think of each putt as if it was the decisive
shot to win a tournament.

These are only three steps to improve your putting and green game, but there are many other exercises and techniques you can work on. Remember,  determination, confidence, and practice is what separates a great golfer from the rest.


What is the Best Golf Bag?

What is the Best Golf BagAccording to Golf Datatech, a leading market research company which provides golf industry a wide array of valuable information, the question “What is the Best Golf Bag?” will be answered by Sun Mountain, since they have been producing golf bags with invaluable quality in the past, such as their Three 5, H2NO waterproof and Front 9 golf carry bags, the XCR hybrid golf bag, and the C-130golf cart bag.

For the year, the said company will release another productive line of golf bags along with its consistent top seller the Three 5 and C-130. The XCR is the new golf bag for avid golf fans of 2016, it resembles C-130 S in a numerous angles however the XCR is a cart bag with legs. Golf Digest, the official site for golf magazines, stated that “So you like to ride in a cart, but you still want to be able to take your bag to the range without it falling down. The solution: a cart bag with a stand. This bag is built to fit in your cart, but it has a stand, too. “Their statement highlighted one of the best features of this Sun Mountain edition golf bag XCR.

What is the Best Golf BagThe line of waterproof H2NO golf bags will continue to be famous still. Being one of the longest top-selling golf bags in Europe, and now gradually making names on the States, an increasing number of Americans are taking advantage of the betterment that waterproof golf bags brings to them. H2NO Lite was recently awarded as a Hot List Gold, and in addition to this is the H2NO Lite with a 14-way top and a cart bag model, but if you are looking for an even lighter weight golf bag, then maybe the H2NO Ultra Lite is the one for you.

It might still be too early to attest which golf bag will be the best for the year 2019; there are still numerous golf bag companies that are just waiting for their own spotlight. It is always better to keep an eye on the new breed of golf bag companies that might offer us something new for every golfer’s taste and style.

What is the Best Golf BagIt will also help you in your search for the best golf bag to suit your fashion, if you will try to assess your standards first, ask yourself about the things that you are looking for in a golf bag; “Are you looking for a water proof one?” “A bag that is easy to carry” or are you on the lookout for golf bags that will stay stable on the back of your golf cart? Once you are sure which matters most for you, then try one of the golf bags that we’ve mentioned or try to search for more in the search engine of your choice, this might help you be very satisfied with your preferred golf bag and be on the best mood to practice the game. You will also be looking at important features such as how much space does the golf bag have? Does it have room for all your clubs and equipment? Can you store your laser rangefinder in the bag without a problem? or your extra set of warm cloths? All those things mentioned above are important to when it comes to choose a golf bag.

In conclusion, we are already aware of some possible best golf bag which are offered in the market nowadays, we just need to open our eyes for the best one that is the finest for us as a golf enthusiast so that we will be very happy with the bag that we have chosen.

How to Choose a Great Golf Hitting Net

How to Choose a Great Golf Hitting NetIn the golfing world, practice is always the key. With the coming on of new net technology, golfers can now practice their game at the comfort of their own backyard using a golf mat, golf net and golf clubs. The golf nets help you to groove the muscle memory that your swing needs making it easier to repeat it when you are on the golf course.

Most of the greatest golfers have always used practice to improve their abilities and nurture their natural talent. The only problem is that nowadays it is hard to find high quality golf net with so many variations to select from. The main factors to consider when choosing good quality golf net is; size, shape, price, durability and colour. When used in the correct manner, golf nets can enable you to improve your golfing ability.

Below are some factors that one needs to consider when choosing high quality golf net:

– Size

How to Choose a Great Golf Hitting NetWhen choosing a golf net chances are that you already have in mind a place where you would set it up and use it. It can be a garage or basement but you would want to ensure that the size of your net will fit in that space. You can do this by measuring the space that you plan to put it. This includes the width, height and depth. This will simplify your research for the golf net because you know which ones to cross off your list. Ensure that you account for the space needed to stand in front of the net and easily swing a club without destruction.

– Portability and versatility

These are the two secondary qualities to be considered when buying a golf net. For portability, you need a golf net that can be set up and taken down swiftly and efficiently. You do not want to spend too much time building the net every time when you want to hit golf balls. A versatile golf net will enable you to use it for more clubs.

– Strength of the netting

How to Choose a Great Golf Hitting NetThis is a major consideration if you have plans of cleaving some go flying through the net. For the cheap golf nets, the netting are simply not strong enough and often when you sue a high power club the ball might go into the net. The best way to know how good a net is by going through the customer reviews written by people who have had an experience using it. A polyurethane golf net can tear very easily. But a nylon golf hitting net has been proven to be the toughest.

– Price

The prices of golf nets on the market vary widely. The most expensive golf hitting nets can go for $500 and the cheapest can be $45. Within this price range you will find very many affordable options that will fit in your budget, and you will be able to practice golf indoor peacefully.

In conclusion everyone wants different things in their golf net set ups. If you have no idea of what exactly you really want, then get to read some reviews and be able to understand the different kinds and what to consider when buying.